Could you tell us a little bit about yourself ? (Your educational background and profession)
My educational background is high school.

Which tribe of Adyge-Abkhaz clan are you belong to ?
I am Kabardai and family of Habjoka.

How important is Circassian culture in your life?
Pretty important, not as a society or unity type thing. People seem to make their own types of Xabze, everyone’s Circassian culture of history of it always seem different.

How was the environment when you grew up in?
My environment growing up was pretty lonely, I stayed to myself. Not a lot of friends, grew up in a black community often discriminated against Not much has changed.

Were you raised religiously and to what extent?
Religious somewhat, more nondenominational. My mother often preaches the Gospel to me, and made sure I prayed often since childhood. Outside of a time when I grew weak in faith, I never left my religion still a Christian.

Why did you stop believing your ex religion?
I never left Islam, I was never a Muslim.

How’d you classify your political view?
My political views seem to point to what they call conservative, yet I am more open minded and tolerant than people who claim to be progressive.

What’d you recommend to those who want to become Christians but have retreated one way or another?
To those who want to be Christian but retreated, pray for them. Trying best to stand strong. Fear is not a huge principal of Christian, the conquering of ones fears. Weather it’s something as simple as swimming, riding a bike or something like facing persecution for Jesus, pray for strength and courage.

Do you leave a message for Circassian society?
Message I would leave to Circassian society is a tough one, they are all very different depending on what country they are from, perhaps tell them to invest into one another, and into our society, and culture, the same way you invest, serve, and build for others.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.
You’re welcome, anytime.